Thursday, February 21, 2008

To summarise:

1) Florida is a slightly odd place, what with it still being 1986 over there and all.

2) Despite this, we had a fabulous holiday. I didn't panic on the way over (even with the six hour delay when the plane went tech with, ahem, "rudder problems"). I didn't panic in any of the parks, even when people-who-have-clearly-never-seen-a-person-with-pink-hair-and-piercings-and-tattoos-and-a-small-child before stared at me in a weird combination of hostility and astonishment. I didn't panic on the way home*. It rocked. I rock. Woo!

3) We had a fabulous holiday. I know, I already said that. But it needed saying again. So there.

4) I had a call while away from the knee clinic. I am being referred to a surgeon. I have been doing lots of Googling and have self-diagnosed that I have to discontinue my meds to have a general anaesthetic.

5) I am wondering whether surgery while under hypnosis is as flat-out loopy as it sounds. I know it is. But still....

6) Um. That's it really. In the next thrilling instalment, 'Do All Mammals Have Hair, Or Is American Factual Programming Fatally Flawed? What With the Dolphins. And the Whales. You Know'

As you were.

* This is NOT a lie. In fact, I saved four hundred and eighty three lives by grimacing, gripping the armrests and thereby ensuring that we Did Not Crash. I thank you.

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