Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Things that make me itch..

In a record-breaking display of constistency, Middling Person (for she is now eight-and-half and not Small any more) has headlice.


For the third (third!) time in six weeks.

Now, I know headlice are an occupational hazard when you spend your time amongst thirty-odd weird-smelling kids from homes with varying degress of hygiene but please? If your child is itchy and scratching and you can see their hair moving in a miniature Mexican wave from across the living room? Check their hair! Try treating the headlice! That way, it won't cost me eight quid a fortnight to continously murder the little six-legged horrors every time they crawl back across into Middling Person's hair during a particularly close-run wordsearch, or something.

When I was at school the Nit Nurse would loom large in the classroom every three weeks, bearing the Sacred Bowl of Dettol and a bitey metal comb. Scalps would be scraped and the first hint of organic life would result in immediate, humiliating suspension with a stern admonishment to your parents not to let you within forty feet of another person until you were deemed to be Clean.

Never did me any harm. Etc.

In other news, it seems that some American's don't want to vote Obama because his name sounds a bit like "Osama". For the sake of political balance I would like to point out to Republican supporters that "McCain" rhymes with "aeroplane", and that, friends and neighbours, is what the evil Muslims used to bring down the Twin Towers.

So think on. Not so clear-cut now, is it?


Blogger Betty chimed in with...

Our nit nurse was a terrifying woman with a James Coburn hairdo and a Yorkshire accent. I was about six, and this was the first person I'd ever heard with a Yorkshire accent. There was always the threat that your hair would be shorn off if you had nits (so you'd end up looking a bit like the nit nurse).

04 November, 2008 15:44  
Blogger Kellycat chimed in with...

Our nit nurse seemed incapable of putting a child's hair back into a ponytail, so once she'd examined your hair with a tiny comb (and effectively back-combed it) you'd be left for the rest of the day looking like a six-year-old Tracy Turnblad.

On a serious note(apologies), there was some chemical stuff advertised on the telly the other day which you can spray on hair to prevent nits.

04 November, 2008 18:28  
Anonymous graceless chimed in with...

apparently leave in conditioner makes it a lot harder for the lice to get to the scalp and feed, so they die.

04 November, 2008 19:48  
Blogger Jaywalker chimed in with...

My office mate is part of a team of volunteers who sorts through the hair of EVERY CHILD IN HER KIDS' SCHOOL for nits every fortnight.
Whenever she tells me it's nit day, I get sympathy itching..

Nice point - McCain/aeroplane. If only you had thought of it earlier! Fingers crossed you're in time;

04 November, 2008 21:23  
Blogger rockmother chimed in with...

How typical that some Americans would only want to vote with someone who has the same name as Oven Chips! Oooh I hate headlice season. I made up this really evil but nice smelling potion of hair de-tangler (the liquid spray), rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil. I left it in and also sprayed after I had de-liced with an entire nuclear arsenal of foam and conditioner and combing - and it stopped the blighters. Good luck. At my sons old school there were mothers there who didn't do anything about their childrens headlice because they were in denial and/or too squeamish. How selfish is that?

05 November, 2008 09:24  
Anonymous hendrix chimed in with...

The thought of getting nit's used to scare the hell out of me (like Betty I was told that if you had them then the nurse would have to shave your head), I had really long hair so used to stand there shaking for hours while she went through it with the fine tooth comb. Luckily, I never got them. But oh God the terror of the thought I might have!

05 November, 2008 12:21  
Blogger llewtrah chimed in with...

We had "nitty Norah" the nurse. These days, if I feel itchy I just use the cat's Frontline spray and a flea-comb. If it works for the cat, it'll work for me. Luckily I've never had nits so maybe I'm not considered nit-fodder.

05 November, 2008 12:29  
Blogger Inwardly Confused chimed in with...

Luckily even though the Mum's at our schools gates dress like Jordan and drive 4x4's they are quite open about nits and do a loud broadcast in the playground if nits are running amok, no one is in the least bothered and we have only had to deal with them once, I am however itching like a fool now.

05 November, 2008 20:04  
Blogger The Dotterel chimed in with...

Didn't all nit-nurses have Yorkshire accents?

06 November, 2008 14:46  
Blogger claire chimed in with...

When the boyfriend's son came home with lice years ago, he took the boy outside on the back porch and shaved his head. That took care of them. Luckily, his daughter never had the same problem or she might have been subject to the same resolution.

Good point on the McCain thing. I wish someone here would have thought of that and made an attack ad. It would have been priceless.
Lucky for us, though, it all worked out in the end. Americans have finally gotten it right. FINALLY.

(Also - work verification is "specks". Ew.)

10 November, 2008 22:18  

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