Tuesday, January 06, 2009

o rly? *

>>I love stuffed french toast. I love every stuffed french toast recipe I've ever had, actually, but especially the ones stuffed with cream cheese.When we were at the shore this past August, we visited The Blue Plate Dinner and the IHOP, and ate stuffed french toast in both places. They were sweet, creamy, and wonderful<<


I'm only jealous because I have gained so much weight over Christmas that you can hear me creaking as I ever-so-gently expand. Bah.

* Yes, Yes. I'm going to hell. Whatever.


Blogger claire chimed in with...

Aaaaaand that's why i'm back on WeightWatchers tomorrow. TOMORROW.

06 January, 2009 21:47  
Blogger FirstNations chimed in with...

1. I'm confused by all the little carats.


3. oh go ahead. have some more.

07 January, 2009 02:28  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

it's to make that lovely lady a special surprise for you.

and just to clarify - that's not me in the picture....

wv: hotscoe - specialist dukes of hazzard pr0n

07 January, 2009 11:19  
Anonymous Homer chimed in with...

I love a bit of bitchiness, me.

I wonder if she's one of those lardies who breathlessly maintain that "fat doesn't equal unhealthy", as their arteries gradually assume the texture of Betty Crocker frosting and hips collapse under the strain.

Hey, I was a fat kid. I'm allowed.

19 January, 2009 18:12  

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