Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A lame post, for a change. Shut up.

People, as I may have opined before in these pages, are pretty revolting.

When I was small I used to bite my toenails*. Lots of small people eat their bogies - I have never done this and fail to comprehend why anyone would want to eat something they found in their nose, but to each their own and all that. When I was fifteen I had a friend** who loved nothing more in the summer than peeling long, dead strips of sunburnt skin from her boyfriend's back and (urk) eating them.


The thing above all others that I have never understood is people who squeeze other people's spots. I mean, squeezing your own spots is fine, and peculiarly satisfying. But other people's? That's just vile. With this in mind, I have a question.

Why have I spent two days positively itching to pop the mystifyingly teenage spot that has erupted on Small Person's nose? Actually, that leads me to another question - why on earth is a girl of almost-seven*** getting spots? It's not like she spends her evenings mainlining pizza, or sniffing glue.

What is the world coming to?

* I also used to chew the skin off my fingers down to the second knuckle, but that was probably more deep-rooted than just bad habit. Naturally, my mother*** ignored it.

** When I say "a friend" I really do mean I had a friend who used to do this - it's not some cover-up for me doing it myself. I would rather die than eat someone else's skin. Urk.

*** Yes, Kellycat, she is Officially Almost Seven. Just think, in another two months, I can start saying she's Nearly Eight. Also, post something.

**** I promise that at some point I will shut up about She Who Must Not Be Named. Probably by the time I'm about fifty, so just hang in there.


Blogger zanna chimed in with...

I used to peel sunburnt skin off my dad's back on holiday, I NEVER EVER ate it though. I wouldn't mind squeezing someone else's spots but no-one ever let me. I could pop round and do SP's if you like?

27 March, 2007 19:57  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

she won't let you. believe me, i've tried.

27 March, 2007 20:13  
Blogger Katy Newton chimed in with...

I would never eat anyone's skin. (Especially not burned skin. I tend to like stuff undercooked rather than overcooked, but that is so not the point that I am trying to make here.)

27 March, 2007 20:30  
Anonymous Bill Door chimed in with...

This is a LAME post?
Do more lame stuff, ok, cos this made me smile.

You want to pop other people's zit?

Not a crime, go ahead...

27 March, 2007 21:08  
Blogger Murph chimed in with...

Yes, it's got its finger on the Zit Geist. Without being acned of course.

27 March, 2007 21:25  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

bill - ithankyew

murph - ahahaha. a career at a redtop awaits you (no offence)..

27 March, 2007 22:35  
Blogger Amanda chimed in with...

OK I'm going to admit to being a picker...not noses I hasten to add. I am drawn to strangers blackheads - I know it's awful - but so far have resisted. People I know on a more intimate level are not so lucky - I have been known to pin a daughter (or two) down just to get at a spot. God I hope Social Services aren't reading this. I used to bite my nails until I got married and I grew them. Now I bite the skin around them.
OK I feel better for telling you all that... :)

27 March, 2007 22:57  
Anonymous rivergirlie chimed in with...

when my twins were that age they maintained they were 'quarter to seven'.
i reckon you have a perfect right to pop the zit of anyone whose nappy you've changed. tell her it's against the law for her to resist, or something

27 March, 2007 23:11  
Blogger Fifi chimed in with...

At primary school two girls I knew used to pick the scabs off each other's knees and eat them.

I recently made a personal breakthrough and actually TOUCHED my boyfriend's feet, so as you can imagine, some of the more intimate spot squeezing/skin eating love games are way way beyond me!

28 March, 2007 09:30  
Blogger crisiswhatcrisis chimed in with...

And I thought it was just the Love Of My Life who did that. Not ate other people's skin, obv (meh), but squeezed other people's spots. She's passionate about it.

The kids have already learned to avoid her or wear balaclavas when they've got a blackhead. I'm not so lucky, having to share a bed with her, and therefore, uh, be asleep and unable to get away.

28 March, 2007 09:50  
Blogger bedshaped chimed in with...

Interested in your opinion of a guy I know who used to get his dog to lick his feet, because it helped ease his athletes foot.

28 March, 2007 17:19  
Blogger Homer chimed in with...

My Ex got really upset the first time he realised I wasn't gazing at him lovingly as we lay in bed, but his blackheads.

That makes three thumb-destroyers, we should form a club.

28 March, 2007 18:29  
Blogger Morgan chimed in with...

As I child, I used to suck dirty sponges. Explains a fair bit, I think.

And oooh, squeezing other people's spots is great - all the joy with none of the pain and shame.

28 March, 2007 20:18  
Blogger violetforthemoment chimed in with...

My mother was such a bugger for squeezing spots. Eventually I could tell from the glint in her eye when she was going to jump on me and have a go at the zit on my forehead and Iw as going to have to kick her really hard. She used to offer me and my little brother money to squeeze spots on her back - or 'plooks', as she referred to them. Never offered enough though. Never ever.

Bedshaped - my dog had a peculiar fixation with athlete's foot, he'd happily sit there and lick it for hours with this really weird look on his face. I had AF when I was about 12 and the dog did stop it itching, bless him. Mine went away but my dad's didn't so the Healing Power of Dog is clearly not all there is to it.

28 March, 2007 20:33  
Anonymous Liam chimed in with...

My ex used to try and squeeze my spots. Not the only reason he's my ex, but it's part of.

As for the dead skin...I shuddered when I read that - that is VILE.

29 March, 2007 07:59  
Blogger Fifi chimed in with...

I'm sorry but squeezing other people's spots is REVOLTING and should be outlawed immediately!

Dogs licking people's feet is also FOUL, Surly Sis do you remember Dad letting his old dog do it. Yuk! Makes me feel quite sick.

Surly Sis - how could you write a post that would bring forth such unsavoury revelations? - we are still trying to deal with Eating Eggs That Other People Have Prepared aren't we? This could mean a serious setback to our Five Step Plan to curing our weird repulsions.

Need to go and wash my hands NOW!!

29 March, 2007 09:30  
Blogger First Nations chimed in with...

...and folks complained about my series on the Meadows family.
*dashes off to hurk*

29 March, 2007 23:56  
Blogger claire chimed in with...

his SKIN? his burned SKIN?? AUGHH EWW... And what a weirdo he must have been to not run away from her while she was doing it.

um, i don't squeeze people's spots (my mother seemed to enjoy that when i was young), but i do chew the skin around my nails.
is super sexy. i know.

30 March, 2007 13:06  
Blogger Femme Fontanelle chimed in with...

Hmmn, no sunburned skin for me thanks, I've got yummy tofu for dinner. I pull my hair out, like literally rip it strand by strand, I don't usually know that I am doing it. I never get the urge to pull anyone elses out though. It's actually a med condition called Trichotillomania...so, with this in mind and so many offering confessions of "skin around the nails" biting I thought I would google it as a symptom to see if it had a name. My search came up with this beauty: "Have I given my hangnails mono and if so is it safe to masturbate". At this point I realised I was over my head and didn't need to know the technical name. Hmmn. THe mind boggles.

30 March, 2007 13:28  
Blogger Eliza chimed in with...

i am in stitched reading all of those comments. the one about the sponge sucking did, however, make me laugh so much more that my PC is now covered in starbucks finest.

i love picking spots, by boyfriend doesn't get them, do you think he'd mind if i got a substitute for that reason alone?

30 March, 2007 15:35  
Blogger GreatSheElephant chimed in with...

I do the thumb thing too.

I once tried to squeeze a zit of my ex-husband and he kneed me in the groin which I thought was excessive.

31 March, 2007 17:29  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

perhaps a little....

31 March, 2007 17:58  

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