Thursday, December 28, 2006

New beginnings..

Come and sit down for a minute, said the Other Half. I want to talk to you.

It was about nine o’clock on Christmas morning. Fuck, I thought. He’s going to leave me. On Christmas day! He’s never sat me down to have a talk before. What on earth can have happened? Nervously I made my way to the sofa and awaited my fate.

We’ve talked about this before, he said. You’ve always said that a girl likes to be asked. So, I’m asking you now. Producing a small, jade green box from his pocket, he continued speaking…Will you marry me? As he opened the box to reveal a beautiful, delicate diamond ring, I stared in utter disbelief and tried to assimilate what was happening. We have talked about getting married, and it was tacitly agreed that it would definitely happen at some point, but for some reason* I wanted to be asked properly instead of just drifting into it. And here we were, having a Proper Proposal. I must have looked so shocked as to have panicked him slightly….Um, so will you?

At this point emotion took over. As I offered a slightly wobbly “of course!!” we just sort of stared at each other, simultaneously grinning like lunatics and crying like girls. It was beautiful. The ring is beautiful. The Other Half has once again proved himself to be the most wonderful man on the planet and we couldn’t be happier.

So. We are engaged. Squeee!

It’s only just starting to sink in that this means we will be getting married in the next couple of years or so. A wedding. Blimey. Having been at my brother and sisters’ weddings (they didn’t marry each other – we might be a slightly odd family but we’re not that weird), I will admit to a slight pang of I-want-this during my father’s speeches. But, you see, I’m not really a big-white-dress-and-dancing-with-my-aunties sort of girl. If we have a wedding like that, my mother will want to come. If my mother were to come, my father and stepmother wouldn’t attend. To be honest, if my mother were to come I don’t think the Other Half and I would attend either. It would just be my mother and the registrar, shuffling uncomfortably and wondering when the buffet was kicking off. Bruh.

But I don’t know what I do want to do. Mostly, I want to be barefoot on a sandy beach. Just me and him and a celebrant. Waiters for witnesses. Jumpers for goalposts. All that. But then I want Small Person there too. But it wouldn’t be a children’s holiday really, would it? So what if we get married here, then go off somewhere on honeymoon? But where, here? I’m fairly confident that a registrar’s office isn’t for us. All silk flowers and stuffiness and being glared at by a portrait of the mayor.

I’m just so difficult. So, for the moment, I’m just revelling in the warm-and-fuzzies. Life is pretty fucking brilliant, all things considered.


* The reason being, of course, that under the sulky-teenager bravado and the tattoos and the snarling and the grouchiness, I am really a hopeless romantic. But don’t tell. Shhh.


Blogger Melissa chimed in with...

Congratulations, that's wonderful! However you end up marrying (sandy beach, registrar's office, what have you), it's going to be a great day.

Very pleased for you both!

28 December, 2006 18:18  
Anonymous Thursday chimed in with...

Congratulations Surly - from your blog, it is highly apparent that you and OH are well solid and will continue to be as happy as you are. Bloody brilliant.

28 December, 2006 18:21  
Anonymous Beth chimed in with...

Just so happy for you both. Congratulations and best wishes! And a honeymoon can be anything you want it to be. If you'd like it to be a family holiday, so be it. If not, I'm sure arrangements can be made so that Small Person has someone to watch her.

28 December, 2006 18:55  
Blogger JonnyB chimed in with...

Congrats - looking forward to the invite.

My sister felt exactly the same way. And ended up in a merangue outfit. Don't fight it.

No, actually, seriously. Congrats.

28 December, 2006 19:12  
Anonymous Reevo chimed in with...

Hey hey!

Wonderful news Surley Girl.

Congratulations to you both (please pass it on to Other Half as I don't have his email address).

[Big smiles!]

28 December, 2006 19:37  
Blogger Katy Newton chimed in with...

Mazeltov! Finally the Other Half makes an honest woman of you.

28 December, 2006 20:43  
Blogger 30-Something chimed in with...


Although, I'm actually broken hearted. Obviously. ;)

28 December, 2006 21:19  
Blogger frangelita chimed in with...

That's fantastic news! I actually had tears in my eyes. (Yes, I'm that wet).

Maybe you can share tips with me, fellow engagee? I haven't organised a bloody thing for mine. Apart from the photographer.

28 December, 2006 21:56  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

*wipes away a tear*

thank you. it was an amazing moment. you can all look forward to your invites. by email. if you don't get one then...well...

actually, we're probably going to bugger off and tie the knot and tell everyone after (what with the mother sitch and all). there might well be a party tho...keep your diaries free for 2009....

28 December, 2006 22:32  
Blogger Annie Rhiannon chimed in with...

Oh, congrats! Am very happy for you, despite never having met you in my life. Is that weird?

Whatevs. Well done.

Can't wait for hilarious pre-wedding blonks.

29 December, 2006 01:22  
Blogger suburban wonder chimed in with...

Yay! Best wishes for all of you! What a sweet story you'll have to pass down.

29 December, 2006 04:55  
Blogger Who is this Dave? chimed in with...


29 December, 2006 08:39  
Blogger Betty chimed in with...

All the best - if I was you, I'd go along with tying the knot in secret. Saves a lot of trouble, expense and undesirable guests.

Mind you, I got married in a registrar's office on a Monday morning with four guests, so my advice may not be the most *suitable* ... heh heh ...

29 December, 2006 11:21  
Blogger Jools chimed in with...

Ooh Surly hoogest congratulations, do it in secret..I did at a lovely registry office with oak beams and all that. Really do whatever the two of YOU want to do and bollocks to anyone else. Good Luck! x

29 December, 2006 12:21  
Blogger Vicus Scurra chimed in with...

Call yourself Surly.
I look forward to the wedding. Let me know when it is. The only days I am not available are Mondays through Sundays for the next 40 years.

29 December, 2006 13:19  
Blogger Arabella chimed in with...

Wishing you a "warm and fuzzy" wedding.

29 December, 2006 13:47  
Blogger Homer chimed in with...

Southwold Pier - beautiful, unusual, and if anyone gets on your wick you can drown them.

With the reception catered by Munchies ;-)

29 December, 2006 13:58  
Blogger Spinsterella chimed in with...


Congratulations Surly and Other Half!

29 December, 2006 17:07  
Anonymous sooz chimed in with...

Squeeeeee with you too!

Lovely! Congratulations! Happy happy lovely stuff! :D

29 December, 2006 17:11  
Anonymous Anonymous chimed in with...

Oooh! I'm a lurker but I just had to out myself. You emailed me a while back and you're great and very deserving of this lovely man. Congratulations! sa_mo

29 December, 2006 21:48  
Anonymous stagedive chimed in with...

Big Congratulations. I was also very impressed that you waved the rock about in true hollywood style ..

Have a cross dressing event, that way even if the people show that you don't want there, at least you get to laugh at them .. or maybe not ..

29 December, 2006 23:26  
Blogger Angelina chimed in with...

Sqeee for you and I hope you have a lovely day no matter what you end up doing!

30 December, 2006 00:15  
Blogger james henry chimed in with...


30 December, 2006 10:42  
Blogger Fussy Bitch chimed in with...

There's a hopeless romantic in all of us and yours now has a lovely ring to wear, woohoo!

Congratulations! Have the wedding you both want and sod everyone else.

30 December, 2006 13:27  
Blogger realdoc chimed in with...

My sister got married in Italy in a town hall and it was lovely.

30 December, 2006 21:03  
Blogger crisiswhatcrisis chimed in with...

Go, you! I'm delighted for you both. Don't worry for the moment about the day, just wander about looking at the sparkly ring happily for a while.

31 December, 2006 13:57  
Blogger Inexplicable DeVice chimed in with...

Congratulations! And here's to a 'pretty fucking brilliant' new year, too!

31 December, 2006 17:23  
Blogger Moo chimed in with...

Congrats to you and OH!!

01 January, 2007 08:18  
Anonymous Pink chimed in with...

awwww! congratulations! you must have worried him for a minute when you paused to make heads of the situation. lol. hope you have an easy time preparing for the wedding.

01 January, 2007 20:17  
Anonymous Anonymous chimed in with...

Congratulations! Beach weddings are good!


02 January, 2007 20:10  
Blogger claire chimed in with...

Eeeeeeeee!!!! Congratulations!! So exciting!!
Go to Vegas and get married by Elvis. This way you don't have to invite anyone... except maybe someone to take SP back with them... internationally.. well, that might not work.
But, Sqeeeee!! Good for you!

02 January, 2007 20:20  

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