Thursday, November 30, 2006

Woo. Yay. Etc.

So, this is my 300th post.

I was going to demand comments. You know the drill - everyone says hello, lurkers delurk, people say where they got here from. All that important stuff. And then something happened this evening that put the whole fucking thing into perspective.

Small Person stays with her grandma on a Wednesday. On a Thursday and Friday the Ex picks her up from school and she stays with him until Saturday afternoon. It's all fine - I miss her, but she spends quality time with her dad. So. This evening, the doorbell goes at six fifteen. The Other Half opens the door, and the Ex throws Small Person's overnight bag at him. Literally throws. He then legs it back to the car, grabs a screaming Small Person and bodily hauls her onto our doorstep. To the soundtrack of her screaming "I want to be with dad!", he screeches off into the night, leaving the three of us variously screaming, shaking and spoiling for a fight.

It transpires that Small Person has played the Ex up for a massive three school pickups, saying she "doesn't want to go home". The Ex reacted to this by doing pointless arguing of the sort that sees parents leaving the supermarket laden with unwanted comics, sweets and dvds. It escalated, and he lost it. Totally. At six thirty this evening I was alternately berating the Ex by text message and assuring Small Person that her dad loves her. She was convinced it had all gone irrevocably wrong. I asked him to call her before she went to bed. He didn't.

I have had contrite texts in the meantime asking me and Small Person to go round tomorrow evening to "talk". This is fine by me, to a point. What would he have done if we hadn't been at home when he freaked out this evening? At what point was he thinking about the emotional impact his actions were having on a six year old? Do I trust him with her any more? What the fuck???

Um. Anyway. It's my 300th post! Woo! Yay!



Blogger Melissa chimed in with...

Christ, I'm sorry it turned out that way. You'd think a person would understand without effort what sort of impact they have on their kids, but unfortunately that's not always the case. Hoping that tomorrow sets Small Person's mind at ease. And yours.

01 December, 2006 00:34  
Anonymous Anonymous chimed in with...

Way to go, EX!

'Bout time someone showed these spoiled little brats what happens when they try to wind up adults. Teach 'em to behave decently! Oh for the days when you were allowed to give 'em a clip around the ear!

01 December, 2006 03:51  
Blogger zanna chimed in with...

Oh good anonymous is back. What the fuck is he playing at? The ex that is. Just bear in mind, through all of his self created drama, you're not still married to him, thank god. Good luck tonight.

01 December, 2006 08:13  
Blogger mad muthas chimed in with...

oh bugger! you poor things. it's all very well sending penitent texts - actually, it isn't, but you know what i mean - but what is a 6 year old supposed to make of that? you must be so furious. has he got no self control at all?

01 December, 2006 09:38  
Anonymous Other Half chimed in with...

It was a pretty fucked up situation and fortunately they're few and far between these days.

I'm sure it will be resolved and our main concern, Small Person, will return to her normal, happy self.

01 December, 2006 14:29  
Blogger Inexplicable DeVice chimed in with...

As I am more than rubbish at this kind of thing, I'll say this instead:

Yaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations on reaching 300 - may there be many more (it was either that or "Carry on").

01 December, 2006 17:09  
Blogger realdoc chimed in with...

The words 'toss' and 'pot' spring to mind. Sorry your 300th post had to be about something so shitty. Happy blogday anyway.

01 December, 2006 19:04  
Blogger Fussy Bitch chimed in with...

Grrr. WTF indeed. I've never figured out why ex's tend to do this toy-throwing crap rather than do any actual parenting so now I just take solace in the fact that they're ex's and muck up little peoples minds to a much lesser extent.

Happy blogday, anyway.

01 December, 2006 19:41  
Blogger belladona chimed in with...

Oh my god. Poor small person. What a fucking mporon. She's six for christ's sake. Lots of cuddles from you and the other half will sort her out though - it'll make it much easier for her to bear as she knows she has you to rely on. Oh, I'm so outraged on small person's behalf.
Happy blogday :)

01 December, 2006 19:56  
Blogger Slash File Save chimed in with...

Happy blogday from down here in NZ. *waves*

01 December, 2006 20:43  
Blogger the Beep chimed in with...

Waves nicely at Surly.

Makes different kind of, er, hand motion towards Ex.

01 December, 2006 20:49  
Blogger treespotter chimed in with...

is there an award somewhere for the worst commenter in the universe?

i read you everyday, never able to find anything smart to say.

happy 300th!

02 December, 2006 00:09  
Blogger Arabella chimed in with...

Treespotter, this could be a contender:

Surly - how about a nice TAG from Arabella to take your mind off life's not so little annoyances?

02 December, 2006 14:26  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

arabella - that would be lovely.

small person is fine now - i firmly suspect the old psych couch is going to figure somewhere in her future tho. thanks for the kind comments.

drama aside - anyone dropping by is required by internet law to say hello. don't let me down, now.

02 December, 2006 15:58  
Anonymous Thursday chimed in with...


02 December, 2006 19:02  
Blogger GreatSheElephant chimed in with...


03 December, 2006 15:23  
Blogger Arabella chimed in with...

Oh, alright then. Pop over to my place and take a look. Only don't get too excited, this particular meme-thingey is a bit old.

03 December, 2006 15:25  
Blogger Spinsterella chimed in with...

Oh god, what a twat.

Hope it got sorted over the weekend.

Otherwise - happy blogday!

03 December, 2006 19:29  
Anonymous jk chimed in with...

Happy 300th!

04 December, 2006 10:04  
Blogger cuppa chimed in with...

There is simply no excuse for his actions. Hope it is all sorted now and his little hissy fit is finished.

Carry on blogging x

04 December, 2006 18:26  
Blogger violetforthemoment chimed in with...



~can't think of anything to say except~ belated congrats on blogaversary, and hope Small Person is back to the cool and well-balanced small person she seems to be from your previous posts (TIara Club. Ace.)

04 December, 2006 19:39  

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