Monday, October 09, 2006

The one where I over-punctuate. Again.

Yup. Another post in the endless series of "What Was Going Through Their Minds?".

Idly browsing* my Sitemeter a few minutes ago, I came across quite the weirdest referral I've had for a while ("david hasselhoff chicken legs" raised a smile last week, as did "ray mears is a twat" but those are perfectly reasonable searches and, as such, don't count). And in the spirit of sharing, I thought I'd let you worry about it too.

Consider, if you will, the sort of repression that leads to a person googling "my wife has manicured her pubic hair. why?".


I mean, why not just ask her? Why not just say look, love, I've noticed you've trimmed your hoo-ha. I wonder why? Is it for me? Had you lost sight of your feet? Are you, as I have long suspected, shagging Tony from the paper shop?

Some people.

* For "idly browsing" read "religiously, relentlessly checking my stats". You knew that really though, didn't you?


Blogger bedshaped chimed in with...

Quite obvious really.
He's a guy. A guy will do anything to find something out, instead of asking the one person who knows the answer.
It's a gift.

09 October, 2006 22:54  
Blogger suburban wonder chimed in with...

Heh heh heh - oh the relentless grooming we women endure... Pubic topiary. Oy.

10 October, 2006 01:06  
Blogger First Nations chimed in with...

I'm too scared to check mine.
i meant stats.

10 October, 2006 01:56  
Blogger The Murphmeister chimed in with...

He may just have been concerned with the bush administration as we all are.

10 October, 2006 07:01  
Blogger Kellycat chimed in with...

Fiona Phillips Tights

Thought I'd just share that one with you....

10 October, 2006 07:35  
Blogger Vicus Scurra chimed in with...

Ah, SG, or may I call you S? That was a lovely start to the day.
Sadly, your visitor leaves me wanting to know more. Was it just a minor tidying up, or has she, as SW hinted, shaped it to resemble the London Underground map, or a Breughel painting?
Did she do it all herself, or enlist some aid? If the latter, does one need a college course in order to become a practitioner?

10 October, 2006 08:12  
Blogger Urban Chick chimed in with...

ok (because someone had to ask): is that your pubic hair or that of a random stranger as found on the rim of a public loo seat?




10 October, 2006 14:01  
Blogger realdoc chimed in with...

I see some funny things in my job and have noticed that the level of pubic topiary has definately risen. Makes taking smears easier though.

10 October, 2006 15:49  
Blogger Donna chimed in with...

uc - I was wondering how many comments would pass before somebody asked that question. It had to be asked. I suspect it belongs to OH as he will get his out at the slightest hint of a request - I believe he is very proud of his hairy mound (I was going to say bush, but I liked the rhymingness of mound).

(is it wrong to admit to being acquainted with your bush OH?)

10 October, 2006 17:09  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...


it's not mine and it's not the Other Half's!!

i found the picture on the internet. honest.

10 October, 2006 18:18  
Blogger Spinsterella chimed in with...

OMG - I didn't realise what that picture was. (V shonky shitty screen and general innocence.)

I was just going to say that I had my first ever funny search term yesterday - and I didn't write it down and now I've totally forgotten - but it did have something to do with Eastenders.

10 October, 2006 21:08  
Blogger Inexplicable DeVice chimed in with...

I don't quite know what to say other than I felt I had to comment after the mention of stats checking. You'll know I've been here, even if I don't comment.

Bully ;)

10 October, 2006 21:32  
Blogger Urban Chick chimed in with...

yeah yeah yeah - we believe you...

what i like is how the jpeg file is called pube2.jpg

was the pube not so cooperative for the first shot then?

*scratches head in wonder*

10 October, 2006 22:36  
Anonymous Stu Savory chimed in with...

How's this for a search typo ?

"Barclay's international bonking" ;-)

11 October, 2006 03:10  
Blogger zanna chimed in with...

that looks like your carpet.....?!

11 October, 2006 15:10  
Anonymous Other Half chimed in with...

Thanks for those kind words of encouragement Donna but I have to report none of my 'mound' is that long !!!

Also, surprisingly few people are acquainted with that part of my anatomy so consider yourself priviliged !!!!

11 October, 2006 15:45  
Blogger Donna chimed in with...

Oh i do :o)

12 October, 2006 09:49  
Blogger Kyahgirl chimed in with...

*snicker* I think bedshaped got it right surly. :-) its a guy thing.

13 October, 2006 18:09  
Blogger mad muthas chimed in with...

woah - i didn't get that hit - and i actually did a post about that very thing! (erm - not my wife, obviously, but lady garden etiquette and intimate topiary) how come you got the demented googler that clearly had my name on it (him)?

01 November, 2006 20:39  
Blogger Rob chimed in with...

This seems apposite.

15 November, 2006 17:37  

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