Monday, September 18, 2006

Can I get you a tissue?

So we had a three-hour-long induction meeting today.

I can only assume that the girl from the Accounts department who sat next to me had a cold. I also assume that she was never taught as a child that snorting great gobs of phlegm down your throat at twenty second intervals is DISGUSTING. It was all I could do to stop myself either telling her to shut up, or vomiting quietly and helplessly down my front.

That aside, the new job is great. In that I actually have things that occupy me for the time I have to spend there. Aspects of it are slightly unnerving, but compared with the soul-destroying torpor of my last job, it's fucking brilliant. The busy part of it means I don't have a leisurely eight-hour window in which to compose a witty, succinct blog post on a daily basis but bear with me. We all just need to settle into our new routine.

In other news, if you want to see what I did yesterday, go and have a look here. Wheeee!!


Blogger frangelita chimed in with...

So glad new work is working out. Hmm, should have thought about that sentence construction a little more possibly.

Sad to see that even though you have a much fabber job you still have to go through the horror of induction.

18 September, 2006 21:22  
Blogger Spinsterella chimed in with...

The link's not working!

I am also very busy at work at the moment. It's quite annoying not being able to blog all day, eh?

19 September, 2006 00:10  
Blogger crisiswhatcrisis chimed in with...

Wow, well done on the UE thing. I was a big fan of infiltration until Ninjalicious sadly died last year. I really want to go to the Paris catacombs; there's a report on there somewhere.

I keep thinking I should go and do a new site, but I always chicken out.

19 September, 2006 08:47  
Anonymous Other Half chimed in with...

Hon, about time you updated your "Now Playing In The Car..." thing...not quite so applicable now you're biking to work !!!

Perhaps you could list your fave iPod tuneage instead ?

19 September, 2006 08:54  
Blogger zanna chimed in with...

I'm now really worried about you cycling to work whilst listening to your ipod? Will you hear the traffic coming towards you? I'm old now and I worry ALOT.

19 September, 2006 10:10  
Anonymous Bill Door chimed in with...

Curses! You have more posts than me on 28 DL.

A fine job, as I said on Opacity.

19 September, 2006 13:05  
Blogger Annie Rhiannon chimed in with...

I do that throaty-snorty thing, and luckily for me it is totally acceptable to do that in Iceland. Although, when I go home to Wales I try not to.

Well done with the new job. Bit disappointed about lack of 8 hour window though.

19 September, 2006 14:03  
Anonymous Stu Savory chimed in with...

Let's see :
* You quit a job where you had nothing to do
* You have a new job with far to much to do
* You break INTO - rather than out of - asylums


19 September, 2006 14:28  
Blogger claire chimed in with...

EEEEE!!!! Good for you, being a true UEr now. So excited for you, and yet i'm somewhat jealous that you've found the courage to actually ENTER a building.
(Though, if it was an easy site to gain entrance into, i might find the courage myself. But, er, maybe not.)

YAY! I have to check opacity now to see what else you've done.

As a side note - I did a presentation for my communications class on UE and learned that the mother of a woman in my class used to work at the Kings Park Hospt. Was very interesting to hear about the place when it was up and running. (Also heard from a stupid girl who had broken into the place and destroyed a bunch of stuff. She was scorned and tsked by the rest of the class as that was one of the points in my presentation about how not to be a UEr).

ooh. long comment. But yay for you!

19 September, 2006 14:56  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

claire - this was my firstest ever, but the 28 days later site is a great place to see what a thriving UE scene there is in the UK.

who knows, if anyone with a knowledge of the locality ever invited me york, say, i might get to do kppc. UE isn't nearly so scary once you're in - it's much worse the day before in your head...

19 September, 2006 15:42  
Anonymous Stu Savory chimed in with...

Oh, and tell the girl from the Accounts department
SNOT polite to do that ;-)

19 September, 2006 18:54  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

my only consolation is that she's one of those tall, sort of heavy people, and she looks a bit like rupert bear. i'm comforting myself with the thought that having a nasty cold at least engenders sympathy....

19 September, 2006 19:07  
Blogger First Nations chimed in with...

oh ROCK ON. brilliant job on the UE!! now go back tonight with a truck and nab the gurney.

ew for snorking co-workers. thats the one that always sits across the cubicle from me. the human phlegm-metronome.

20 September, 2006 02:12  
Blogger claire chimed in with...

Whenever your vacation time comes up at your new job... NY could be a fun holiday.

I'll kick the dogs off the couch for you. :)

20 September, 2006 15:33  
Anonymous pink chimed in with...

i'm still waiting to hear if you got any closer to robbie than i did...!

20 September, 2006 16:59  
Blogger Soupdragon chimed in with...

Should have slapped that girlie in the mouth, told her it were dirty, in that "DIRTY!" tone of voice me mam used to use. That or just kick the leg of her chair every time she did it. "Hey, if YOU'RE going to be annoying, so am I...."

Nice report and photos, although I have no clue what it were all about.

On a completely different note ('note', get it? arf arf), watched Robbie's live at Knebworth thing again last night. Just think he's fab. Any o you lot coming to Hong Kong to see him in November? He's only in the Wan Chai convention centre mind. Not exactly the best auditorium, but still, he'll be here, and that's what counts...



20 September, 2006 18:30  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

i heard he cancelled that leg of the tour...oops..

20 September, 2006 18:34  
Blogger bedshaped chimed in with...

Come on surlygirl, you must have something to say about the robbie gig by now!

21 September, 2006 01:29  
Blogger tom909 chimed in with...

Oh my god, I do that snorty thing too. But I try to only do it when I'm out in the fields away from everyone.
In mine and Rupert Bear's defence, I think it is a congenital/viral thing - I just can never get it sorted.

21 September, 2006 09:01  
Blogger Kyahgirl chimed in with...

there's a guy down the hall from me who does that snorting thing all day long. Its enough to make me hurl.
glad the new job is working out!

21 September, 2006 17:52  
Blogger GreatSheElephant chimed in with...

I don't do the snorty thing but I do blow my nose alot and some people find that even ruder than snorting. If you have to blow your nose at table, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom? Fuck that, I'd spend the entire meal in the ladies.

23 September, 2006 18:15  

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