Monday, April 03, 2006

Thoughts on living in a three storey house

Bungalows are underrated.


We came to this conclusion about ten minutes after picking up the keys. That aside, the house is absolutely beautiful. Under the stern guidance of Captain Bligh the Other Half, we have unpacked everything, run the gauntlet of Ikea (twice), built all our flatpack (some of us had to build flatpack through gritted teeth with our sort-of-mother-in-law, but it was fine. Really) and spent an inordinate amount of time in the pub. All in all, a success. Small Person is so delighted with her new bedroom that she has skipped ten years and is currently a reclusive fifteen year-old who consistently refuses to leave her room and goes into a monumental sulk when it is suggested that she might like to come and "spend time as a family". So it's all good.

On the downside, we have no internet at home for another fortnight, so I will be back in slightly abridged form (stop cheering at the back) until such time as I can spend four thousand words ranting about why I hate my new neighbours. Anyway, I'm off to catch up with you all. I wonder if anyone will notice that I'm back?


Anonymous Grob chimed in with...

HURRAY....your back!! Congratulations on your new home...looking forward to hearing more about it at your soonest!!! Dare I say I missed you, both blog-wise and at work!! ; )

03 April, 2006 10:06  
Blogger funny thing chimed in with...

Stamp on the floor lots of times every now and again. This will:
a) sound like stairs and make the neighbours jealous
b) keep away any chance of Bungalow DVT

03 April, 2006 10:10  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

oh. i meant we have three storeys (stories??) and wish we had none as they are hard work and make your legs hurt.

stupid syntax.

03 April, 2006 10:18  
Blogger Sherbert chimed in with...

You KNOW damned well we'll notice that you're back. In the absence of new posts over the last week or so, I've read back over your blog and would like to comment as follows:

1. You do indeed have some peculiarities with BIG things and, whilst I can appreciate the reasons behind the cheese sandwich thing, I find it hard to comprehend. Rest assured however that I would never frighten you with a cheese sandwich that I'd made.

2. I'm extremely envious that you had dreadlocks which I've always wanted but my hair simply wasn't up to it.

3. OH is drop-dead gorgeous. Feel no shame that you stole him.

4. I suspect that you have a large shoe collection. Given that you've just moved house, I imagine that you'll want to keep this clutter-free. You and I have the same size feet - I think you know where I'm going on this one.

03 April, 2006 10:20  
Blogger zanna chimed in with...

just think of all the money you'll save on stairmaster type thingies. You'll have calf muscles of steel.

03 April, 2006 10:41  
Blogger Urban Chick chimed in with...

i knew you were back as soon as it uploaded having been refreshing on a three-secondly basis since a fortnight ago

yes, i have nothing better to do

yay for the noo hoose!

03 April, 2006 10:42  
Blogger Wyndham chimed in with...

We have one and a half stories, which seems like a good compromise. Don't worry about decorating, there's no rush. In the triffid household it's three years and counting...

03 April, 2006 11:13  
Blogger GreatSheElephant chimed in with...

yay - congratulations. Stairs are good.

03 April, 2006 11:30  
Blogger Spinsterella chimed in with...


Welcome back!

(Wyndham -one-and-a-half storeys? Is your house like Being John Malkovich?)

03 April, 2006 13:06  
Anonymous Other Half chimed in with...

As SG intimated, i steadfastly refused to come back to work today leaving a single box packed. I was like a ferocious task-master and would not let the household rest until it was all done !!!

That said it is the most beautiful house, we've been very lucky with a distinct lack of problems and I believe it will be the scene of many happy memories for years to come.

03 April, 2006 13:44  
Blogger claire chimed in with...

YAY! Missed you terribly - glad you're back and made it through the moving experience alive.

Must say that i lived most of my life in a two story house and am now living with only one. You miss that staircase when its gone... you realllly do. Stupid, poorly planned, ranch house.

03 April, 2006 13:47  
Blogger Fifi chimed in with...

OH- and the scene of many a booze-fuelled 'dinner party' too, me hopes.

And you have two beautiful staircases. Sigh.

03 April, 2006 14:00  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

are "dinner parties" what we call it when we drink loads of g&t's and wine and only pick at our food and sing very loudly?

if so then yes, there will be dinner parties.

spinny - i was wondering about wyndham's house too...

03 April, 2006 14:14  
Blogger Kellycat chimed in with...

Don't say I didn't warn you about the stairs...

I'd recommend getting some kind of intercom system fitted. And a dumb waiter.

03 April, 2006 14:28  
Blogger Fifi chimed in with...

I can supply a dumb waiter.
Bless him.

03 April, 2006 14:39  
Blogger shiftclick chimed in with...

You will be in such good shape! Stairs are wonderful!

Glad you're back, however temporarily it is... why will it take so long to get your internet service? Isn't a fortnight two weeks???

Hope we get to see pictures soon!

03 April, 2006 15:39  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

stupid local telephone network and it's overloaded broadband thingy.

more to the point, how do i adjust my clock thing on my sidebar now that the clocks have gone forward?

oh, it's all cutting-edge politblogging here, i can tell you.

03 April, 2006 15:44  
Blogger car01 chimed in with...

We've got three storeys too, and I can assure you that having been up and down them more times than I've had hot dinners (not that I'm in the habit of having hot dinners, since I'm more of a cheese sandwich type of girl), it's done absolutely nothing to reduce my vast and flabby thighs to Jennifer-Aniston-like proportions. It's probably all these little chocolate snacks I keep eating to reward myself for having made it up the stairs. Hint: do each flight separately, and do not chuck things from the top to the bottom, or you'll end up with a severely dented downstairs.

03 April, 2006 16:25  
Blogger Donna chimed in with...

i had to reload my clock with new html for a different time zone.

And welcome back, I did miss you, although this insisting everyone comments thing is pure attention-seeking and plainly not fair, because we (sub. I) do not get anywhere near as many comments.

Looking forward to dinner too.

03 April, 2006 16:54  
Anonymous Whinger chimed in with...

I am inclined to think that your building furniture with your sort-of mother-in-law is preferable to OH having to build furniture with HIS sort-of mother-in-law, based solely on stories of your own dear mum.

SO glad you're back. Never leave again.

03 April, 2006 17:21  
Blogger Moo chimed in with...

welcome back surly, you have been missed!! Hope the new house is fab!

03 April, 2006 19:00  
Blogger First Nations chimed in with...

welcome back!
ikea! how i love ikea!
thanks to your stairwells you have wonderful big spaces in which to hang your Calder mobiles and on the facing wall, selections from your collection of Egon Scheile canvasses. what you WILL get sick of is the thundering hooves of sp up and down the steps.
gladgladglad you are back, my darling!

03 April, 2006 19:01  
Blogger Inexplicable DeVice chimed in with...

Yahboosucks to bungalows!

You can skip to the top floor, throw open the windows and lord it over all and sundry as they schlep by.

You could also grow your hair to Rapunzel lengths and fling it out, garotting passing cyclists and drivers of cabrios.

Glad you made it back - internet connection can't come quickly enough!

03 April, 2006 19:19  
Blogger Jemima chimed in with...

Caw, they grow up so quickly.

Children that is. (surly ones especially)

Or maybe the house, I don't know, did it have three storeys the last time you looked?

03 April, 2006 19:40  
Anonymous kyahgirl chimed in with...

its about frickin' time. as if we don't notice. honestly, I've only cruised by here 453,456,765 times since you left!


04 April, 2006 03:31  
Blogger patroclus chimed in with...

Woohoo! Welcome back surly, and congratulations on the new home. And now you can sell all those mysterious leftover bits from the flatpacks on eBay.

04 April, 2006 08:04  
Blogger funny thing chimed in with...

Yay! We have 3 stories too.

My (updated) advice is to stamp loudly on each stair twice to make the neighbours think you have twice as many stories as them. That's what we do.

04 April, 2006 09:21  
Blogger Betty chimed in with...

If you have 3 stories, does that make it a town house? An estate agent once had to explain to us what a town house is, while looking at us as if we were a pair of clueless inbreeds. Very embarrassing.

Anyway, the best thing about having an upstairs is that you're able to see what your neighbours are up to, unless they catch you out and tell you to fuck off, which one of ours did. So I gave it up ...

04 April, 2006 09:32  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

yup - town house it is. don't be fooled though, it's just a fancy way of saying "terraced". only posher, natch. what on earth, betty, were you doing to get caught out by the neighbours. and, perhaps more to the point, what were they doing that had you so fascinated?

ft - if i stamp on each stair twice i will be dead by august. i will have incredibly sculpted thighs, though, so maybe it's worth it....

04 April, 2006 09:38  
Blogger Betty chimed in with...

Um, I was just staring out of the window into the middle distances, not really looking at anything. Honest. Unfortunately I made eye contact with the bloke who lives in the bungalow behind ours. Eye contact is all it takes to make an enemy around here it seems ...

Sorry. Not very interesting.

04 April, 2006 13:00  
Blogger mig bardsley chimed in with...

Yay, you're back! Fantastic!
I too have three stories, It's been a while since I've visited the top layer though.
It looks as though one or two people have noticed you're back.

04 April, 2006 23:32  
Blogger Bela chimed in with...

Wow, I've never lived in a house, let alone a 3-storey one. (I nearly bought one in Notting Hill Gate, just before the boom, but I don't want to be reminded of that.) On the other hand, I'm getting on a bit and I'm glad our building has a lift (I never use it now, but I'm sure I will some day).

Anyway, I'm delighted you're back. :-)

I do love that clock!

06 April, 2006 04:57  

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