Thursday, March 23, 2006

Closed for Maintenance

Owing to the fact that we are moving house tomorrow, and that because of this I am in the throes of a complete mental breakdown, I won't be posting until at least April the 3rd (I probably won't be able to read any of your blogs either, but it doesn't mean I don't love you any more. You know I do. In a totally creepy sense). In the meantime, once you've popped over here to add to this week's round of congratulations by giving Patroclus a pat on the back (can we have badges that we can sew on our swimming costumes? Can we?), and here to speculate wildly on the state of Adam Rickitt's health, why not amuse yourselves by having a poke around in my archives? I've been going for nearly a year now, and it used to be quite good at the beginning, before laziness and introspection crept in. Leave any comments here though, so I know you've done as you were told. There might be a test when I get back*.

Oh, and if anyone is any good at flatpack, we're at number forty one.

* Relax. Even I am not that sad.


Blogger shiftclick chimed in with...

Best of luck to you, m'dear. I look forward to a complete breakdown of all activities upon your return!

23 March, 2006 14:23  
Blogger Bela chimed in with...

Good luck with the move! Hope it's not too stressful. Don't try to unpack everything at once; leave the tea-making stuff out. :-)

23 March, 2006 15:06  
Blogger claire chimed in with...

oh, surly, you'll be sorely missed. Though i still don't envy you with the moving. Hate moving. Love new places, but hate moving.

I believe i've already read all of your archives, so i'll just wait patiently.

Right here.


23 March, 2006 15:11  
Blogger Huw chimed in with...

...And I will look forward to a breakdown of your breakdown.

Now, which Month do you recommend? Much drama in July?

23 March, 2006 15:15  
Anonymous grob chimed in with...

I'm waiting patiently...
Hurry back....
That's it...I can't cope a work day without a read of your blog!!!
Damn in-considerate, thats what I say!
(Good home at last!) x

23 March, 2006 16:15  
Blogger Inexplicable DeVice chimed in with...

Good luck with the move and all associated gubbinery.

23 March, 2006 17:12  
Blogger the Beep chimed in with...

I hear a housewarming coming up (it's OK, you don't need to put us ALL up, I'll sacrifice myself and stay with my suffolk sister (as opposed to the india one - bit far)). Just awaiting the date ..... meanwhile good luck. You can take the piss out of me in a month or so.

23 March, 2006 17:53  
Blogger FUNKYBROWNCHICK chimed in with...

April 3rd?!?!?!!? What am I supposed to do with myself between now and then??? :)

Good luck with the move!

23 March, 2006 21:37  
Anonymous Anonymous chimed in with...

Hope the move goes well.

As for one of your previous blog posts - erm if you don't like blogging then don't. People will survive, it's the beauty of oxygen.

23 March, 2006 21:46  
Blogger patroclus chimed in with...

Good luck surly! Make sure you unpack the PC first of all and get back here!

23 March, 2006 23:01  
Anonymous Anonymous chimed in with...

Hope all's well with the move - I actually am quite envious. Full report on the joys of your new abode on or around April 3rd, please!

23 March, 2006 23:26  
Blogger funny thing chimed in with...

Happy Movin'

Don't give the ex your address :)

24 March, 2006 12:05  
Anonymous Piggy and Tazzy chimed in with...

"I won't be posting until at least April the 3rd"

Yay! Yay! Yay!


Yay! Yay! Yay!

Oh, I soooooooooo hope the new house has no electricity or gas for at least a fortnight.

And has mice.

And cockroaches.

And a blocked toilet.

*runs fast*

24 March, 2006 16:46  
Blogger First Nations chimed in with...

where is everybody!
is anybody there?
*scrambling around in crawlspace*
somebody want to open the foundation vent? im kinda...
*peers out through plumbing access*
i think i'm caught in some wiring or something...

24 March, 2006 17:39  
Anonymous Whinger chimed in with...

Move faster.

Thank you.

24 March, 2006 23:24  
Blogger Moo chimed in with...

Good luck, I have recently decided to move myself, I am dreading it, Moving is such a pain in the backside...

25 March, 2006 11:40  
Blogger frangelita chimed in with...

Good luck with the moving.Use small person and other half to do all the hard work and demand tea and cakes because you have done all the hard work organising it

25 March, 2006 22:22  
Anonymous Stu Savory chimed in with...

Well I'll return here on April the turd, denn.
To read your block.
I'm sure it'll be a moving experience ;-)

26 March, 2006 15:31  
Blogger mig bardsley chimed in with...

Hope the move goes much more smoothly than they usually do but has some extraordinarily weird and infuriating details for you to tell us all when you're back.
Can't wait to read about it.

27 March, 2006 00:40  
Blogger mig bardsley chimed in with...

By the way, I tried your weird trick of making other drivers get out of the way. I fixed this man's indicator with an unwavering stare as he crept along in front of me and immediately he accelerated from 20 to 60 and vanished over the horizon.
Gobsmacked I was!
thanks for that trick :)

27 March, 2006 00:45  
Blogger Kyahgirl chimed in with...

hurry back. I mean really, how much time can you spend oohing and ahhing over your new digs?

we need you :-)

Congratulations by the way. I hope that you, OH, and SP, have a great time together.

27 March, 2006 18:24  
Anonymous caroline chimed in with...

Look forward to hearing how it all went. If you tell me everything went to plan then I'll eat my hat.

28 March, 2006 00:04  
Blogger Kyahgirl chimed in with...

I think a week is enough.
Come back here right now!

01 April, 2006 00:46  
Blogger elvira black chimed in with...

Happy blog-o-versary! Best of luck with the move--I think I feel your pain, because I've been getting ready to move for about 8 months now with no end in sight (don't ask). Hope your new digs are fabulous!

02 April, 2006 11:59  

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