Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dude, where's my motivation?

Must. Stop. Surfing. Blogs. Must prepare for assistant's appraisal. Must do Very Important Work for managing director that has been put off and put off and put off and now needs to be done Right Now*.

*clicks back over to the BBC News site to read some more about fruit bats*

Carry on.

*Must Also Stop Over-Capitalising


Blogger Wyndham chimed in with...

Good idea. I may stop as well. Over capitalising ,that is.

01 December, 2005 10:08  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

but it's Just So Satisfying, isn't it?

01 December, 2005 10:12  
Blogger Urban Chick chimed in with...

It's. Absolutely. Bloody. Marvellous.

As you would say, SG:

Carry On!

01 December, 2005 10:14  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

having re-read, Must Also Remember Hyphens Where Appropriate.

*dashes off to edit*

01 December, 2005 10:29  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

that's better.

carry on.

01 December, 2005 10:34  
Anonymous Other Half chimed in with...

I too lack any form of motivation it infectious ? I'm tired !!!!!

01 December, 2005 10:42  
Blogger Kellycat chimed in with...

Does that apply to all of us? Have I got to start working now as well?

Some warning would have been appreciated.

01 December, 2005 10:43  
Blogger Wyndham chimed in with...

I can't even spell wrok.

01 December, 2005 11:20  
Blogger MinCat chimed in with...

over capitalisaton reminds of me both the books im editing ow. &shakes head sadly* i cannot tell a lie, both books im pretending to edit today.

01 December, 2005 12:19  
Anonymous Piggy and Tazzy chimed in with...

Wurk? What's That Then?

Are They The People That Pay Us To Surf?

01 December, 2005 13:22  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

Yes They Are. And Can I Say That I'll Never Be Able To Look A Tunnocks Teacake In The Face Again, After Your Comment At Garfer's.


01 December, 2005 13:50  
Anonymous other half chimed in with...

Seems to be the most widely accepted definition of work.

Sadly, all the sites I want to view in my quest for something vaguely interesting are music related and require sound. For some strange reason my employers frown on me not only surfing all day but listening to music while I do narrow-minded !!!

01 December, 2005 13:51  
Blogger Donna chimed in with...

I was wondering whether I'd get away with plugging my headphones in. I don't think they would mind/dare say anything - but it just seems a little cheeky. Mind, we did it at BT.

01 December, 2005 14:19  
Blogger Aginoth chimed in with...

Can't stop, must improve statistics...

Cor Fruit Bats on the BBC...carrying ebola

01 December, 2005 15:21  
Blogger Kyahgirl chimed in with...

oh dear, and my work day is just starting. I have hours ahead of me of resisting temptation.
ok, I'll go work, but first i must check up on the speed dating crowd...

01 December, 2005 15:56  
Blogger Whinger chimed in with...

Oh this is very disconcerting. I wasn't expecting to actually WORK when I showed up to work today.

*grumbling as I grudgingly turn to the phonemail light*

01 December, 2005 16:58  
Blogger Inexplicable DeVice chimed in with...

Grrr... Having got home from a hard day at work, I realised that I have a hard evening's work before me!

Work, how do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways:

1. You force me to get up too early.
2. You make me stressed.
3. You make me feign politeness and civility to people I wish were dead.
4. You keep me from skipping through the Land of Blog.
5. You make me care about work things when I don't want to.
6. You lull me into a false sense of security before you turn into a monster and eat my life!

There are more but this is now feeling like work so I've got to stop.

01 December, 2005 18:00  
Blogger spindleshanks chimed in with...

what's a tunnock's teacake and what did someone say to put you off them? it's the little things that keep me awake at night or Awake At Night. am finding work too irksome to even want to banter lightheartedly about it. (can you banter heavy-heartedly?)

01 December, 2005 22:34  
Blogger S.I.D. chimed in with...

Remember, a fruit bat is not just for Christmas.

I want to buy one.

01 December, 2005 22:52  
Blogger FUNKYBROWNCHICK chimed in with...

My motivation starts to slip away from me somewhere around the middle of the week. By Friday later afternoon, I'm completely useless ...

02 December, 2005 00:28  
Blogger Steve chimed in with...

Oh fuck me - Fruit Bats? You can't move for the twats round here.

02 December, 2005 00:41  
Blogger Lee chimed in with...

What's this 'motivation' thing you're all on about?

02 December, 2005 11:48  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

i'd tell you but i can't be arsed.

02 December, 2005 12:11  
Blogger LC chimed in with...

Hey, perhaps we could organise one of those Anti-Capitalising marches I've seen on the telly. Would that help?

02 December, 2005 12:32  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

i'm not sure anyone could be bothered to turn up. today is even less productive than yesterday....

02 December, 2005 12:41  
Blogger Spinsterella chimed in with...

My work have just changed internet access and blocked blogs.

Savour every moment you've got.

02 December, 2005 21:18  

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