Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Self-pity, part the second.

Hostilities have escalated round our way. Small Person is not reacting well to the pressures of Year 1, and in particular the homework aspect. Although she's a fluent reader she struggles with writing and this week's assignment is wholly text-based. It's a lot of work for a five year old but I'm bullying guiding her through it as best I can. For the last few nights she's been waking up crying in the night but refusing to tell me what the matter is which is worrying me no end. There's the added bonus of the influence of a new peer group to contend with which is manifesting itself in foot-stamping, answering back and a new song that she performed for Grandma on Friday which ends with the showing of knickers. All in all, it's a little tense at home at the moment. Last night's battles culminated in bed-with-no-story and a counter-refusal on her part to go to sleep without one. So this morning she was, predictably, tired, and it all went spectacularly wrong. I'm also tired as me and sleeping aren't really on speaking terms at the moment. Needless to say the combination of my tiredness and her tiredness is an explosive one, and as I stood there screaming at the weeping little girl sitting in a puddle of milk and rice krispies (they don't do so much of the snap-crackle-pop thing when they're soaking into the fucking carpet, you know) it occurred to me what a joke it is that I'm trying to look after a five year old when I can't even look after myself. Honestly, I'd have laughed if I hadn't been crying so hard.

In other news, we definitely have some sort of wasp problem at the flats. There was another wasp in the bathroom this morning and when we left for school/work there were six wasps on the landing and a couple more downstairs. How lovely.


Blogger Fifi chimed in with...

Yay! First to comment!

Tiredness is a real killer, and telling your Small Person that 'Mummy's tired' as a reason for the shouting, cajoling, sighing, gnashing of teeth and random dispensing of sweets just seems to make them more minxy!

Small Minx, has, however, slept through the night for the second night running now. Glory be! Tempers should now be less frayed all round and Bigger Minx will get less sweets.

I salute your wonderful parenting, Surly Sis as I have of course seen it in action. I wish you both more sleep and hope you don't have to cry over spilt milk again tomorrow x

05 October, 2005 11:50  
Blogger Donna chimed in with...

Hello .... Yay for the fact that I've managed to skirt around the WebMarshal and come to play at your blog!!!!

Not so yay for tiredness. I am very lucky that I can sleep anytime anywhere, but on the very few occasions I have had a little sleep deprivation I have been utterly useless and utterly foul.

If it may help at all, Andy has found he sleeps like a baby (I've never understood that expression) if he abstains from alcohol - not that I'd wish to cast aspersions ...

05 October, 2005 14:06  
Blogger zanna chimed in with...

no advice - just sending you happy thoughts and wishing us all some sleep one day

05 October, 2005 14:13  
Blogger Whinger chimed in with...

Showing knickers at the end of a song, eh?

My sister plans to embarrass her children as much as possible when they're teenagers (curlers in hair, showing up with forgotten lunches and demanding a kiss, etc.) in retaliation for all the humiliation they're causing her now.

Sending good sleep thoughts your way.

05 October, 2005 15:35  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

i don't sleep well regardless of what i've eaten, drunk or smoked. i lost the knack when i was expecting small person and have never got it back. plus the last few nights i've been woken up at 1.30am by stephen bloody hawking and had to bang on the wall with a gert big book..

and i am self-indulgent and boring. shall we change the subject now?!

05 October, 2005 16:20  
Blogger Jonniker chimed in with...

Oh man. Just sending comforting thoughts. Hang in there.

05 October, 2005 20:55  
Blogger Urban Chick chimed in with...

heck, if you are self-indulgent and boring, what am i?

i'm the same: haven't slept more than a few hours on the trot since the chicklets arrived on the scene

i think motherhood makes you a light sleeper...i remember going into my mum as a child whenever i had had a bad dream or sth and my memory is that as soon as i said 'mum?' she said 'yes' in the perkiest voice even whatever the hour of night

and then there are the nights when the littlies ARE responsible for keeping you up, like last night in this household

forget matchsticks, i'm talking wooden spoons for those eyelids

and on that note: nightie night!

05 October, 2005 22:08  
Blogger Kyahgirl chimed in with...

Aww, hugs to surly girl and small surly person.

I can relate to the negative aspects of sleep deprivation. Having two difficult babies, 16 months apart, led to years, literally, of very poor sleep (quality and quantity). Its hard on everyone.

All I can suggest is the one thing I know is important, lots of humble apologies for mommy's bad temper, lots of hugs and kisses, and then some more hugs and kisses.

Small surly person is doing so incredibly well for one so young! My daughter is 6 and is not reading yet. You have a lot to be proud of.
Hang in there.

05 October, 2005 22:54  
Anonymous Other Half chimed in with...

We had slight refusal to eat breakfast this morning but after a full 12 hours of sleep last night Small Person seemed to be in fine spiwits today.

This is all new to me and strikes me as something of an emotional rollercoaster but I can say that SG is a wonderful mum who is doing her very best to give her daughter a good start in life and is doing a fabulous job

06 October, 2005 09:21  

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