Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Oh, just ignore me.

Today I am living up to my nom de plume. I am surly. I am also tired, grouchy, irritable, grumpy, cross and a little bit poorly. It's the worst sort of a little bit poorly - an indefinable not-quite-rightness that is making me want to cry/sleep/kill (not necessarily in that order). It's one of those day when the little things that don't really matter that much get blown out of all proportion in my mind and upset me. The only solution is to go out tonight with the Other Half and have a thoroughly good time. Fortuitously, that's exactly what we have planned, so that's alright then. Except I don't know if I'm in the right frame of mind because I sort of know that the thing that's annoying me this afternoon will hang around like a moody teenager, glowering and scuffing its feet until I acknowledge it, whereupon it will immediately cause a prickly sort of conversation that I hate because I come off all moody teenager (that or consumptive Victorian brave-in-the-face-of-private-and-unappreciated-torment girl). Hopefully in the interim glittery shiny things will happen and cheer me up.

I'm irritating myself now. Carry on.


Blogger Stef the engineer chimed in with...

Oh, bless. Fingers crossed for glittery, shiny thing.

27 September, 2005 15:19  
Blogger Who is this Dave? chimed in with...

Show us your picture of Rome.

27 September, 2005 16:06  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...


27 September, 2005 16:12  
Anonymous Other Half chimed in with...

Fear not my love, I will be on hand to either cure you're mood or annoy you so much you explode in a fit of rage and purge all those feelings in one fell swoop !!!

Let's hope it's the former...if not these could be my last words to the world.....

27 September, 2005 16:20  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

and with a wonky apostrophe and everything - the shame....

27 September, 2005 16:29  
Blogger Swifty chimed in with...

Have you tried sit-down meditation? I recommend it. It's shit-hot stuff, heap powerful medicine. It's the panacea for the modern age.

27 September, 2005 16:42  
Blogger Kyahgirl chimed in with...

*sending virtual pineapple fridge cake*

feel better?


27 September, 2005 16:48  
Blogger Whinger chimed in with...

Everyone is entitled to a surly day, especially surly. I just hope no one informs you of your mood, as that always makes it worse for me.

A "You sure are grumpy today!" will ALWAYS make me grumpier and inclined towards tears.

27 September, 2005 17:16  
Blogger Jonniker chimed in with...

Oh man, feel better. I hate those days. Hopefully by now you are out and about kicking back with a few drinks.

I second whinger's observation that a mention of my grumpiness is enough to make me want to knock someone's lights out right then and there, taking my General Grumpiness to Phase II: The Fury Returns.

27 September, 2005 18:34  
Blogger Donna chimed in with...

Hope you are having a fab evening, and if you are still surly tomorrow, email me and I'll tell you about our fancy dress for next week - it's fabulous darling ...

27 September, 2005 21:05  
Blogger cartoons! chimed in with...

three cheers for grumpy women!

i don't think i know of anyone else who publicly admits they irritate themselves.

i do sometimes, too.

have fun with your OH.

27 September, 2005 22:38  
Anonymous Other Half chimed in with...

To update...we had a fantastic evening. Went to watch a band we thought we'd never get to see and they were brilliant. SG's mood subsided and, as ever, she was fabulous company. All is right with the world once more.

28 September, 2005 08:31  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...

tis true, they were fab, and i forgot all about the thing that had annoyed me, whatever it was.

more later....

28 September, 2005 09:07  
Blogger Who is this Dave? chimed in with...

So can we see your picture of Rome now?

28 September, 2005 11:31  
Blogger surly girl chimed in with...


28 September, 2005 11:42  
Blogger FUNKYBROWNCHICK chimed in with...

Oh dear ...

Whenever I'm in such a mood, I do those Open Mouth & Insert Chocolate exercises and I always feel a little better. If that doesn't work: Try Vodka. ;)


28 September, 2005 12:47  

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