Monday, July 11, 2005

I'm with Bob Geldof on that one

In that I don't like Mondays. There - and you were expecting a rant about Live 8, weren't you. But frankly the whole thing was so lacklustre that I can't bring myself to get worked up over it. Except to say that Robbie was, of course, fab. And that I really am getting old - Pink Floyd were ace. We've got a "contingency" exercise going on at work this morning and I've had to spend an hour being nice to people who are pretending to be concerned relatives. All seems a bit crass what with last Thursday's events and all but hey, it's making somebody somewhere feel important so that's ok.....

Me and the Other Half went to see the Levellers on Saturday - twelve hours in the sun drinking beer mellowed the Other Half nicely, and he too enjoyed what is now in my top 3 gigs. And he didn't even make that many jokes about dogs on strings. Not once he was surrounded by hedge monkeys, anyway. And I now have not only a Levellers t-shirt, but also a Levellers carrier bag. How corporate. They played up a storm, which came as something of a relief as they were in the pub at1.30pm and didn't go onstage til 9.30.......

Will post properly later. Honest. But there's some weird limit on how many words I can post through the work firewall, for no reason that I can fathom, so that's your lot for now.


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