Sunday, June 05, 2005

Postcards from Paradise

Don't ask me why I'm taking time out from hollybobs to post this - I'll only tell you that it's cos I want to brag, gloat and generally lord it over you about the fabulous time we're having. The hotel is just plain incredible, the location is stunning, food and service are out of this world. It's gloriously hot, the cocktails are free, and the people-watching is quite the funniest I've seen anywhere. The place is rammed with Americans, who seem as a race to be the most unselfconscious people I've ever witnessed. The nightly entertainment in the Andromeda Disco (and yes, it's everything that the name suggests) is our favourite thing - last night brought us the unrivalled spectacle of a wedding party from Alabama doing their respective things on the dancefloor. I'll elaborate on all of this when we get back as I'd rather spend work time on it than holiday.......only 9 more days of luxury and pampering to go - how can a girl stand it. Oh, and the tans are coming along nicely - the Other Half is a fabulous shade of traffic-light red and I've got a very shiny nose. How terribly British.


Blogger Donna chimed in with...

Don't ask me why I checked your blog even though I knew you were on holiday ... Glad yr having a fab time - I'm not jealous at all!!

06 June, 2005 11:58  

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